The app that will make you immortal…

Download RememberMe and share it with family and friends.



Explanation Video

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RememberMe – RM for short – is germany’s first App for families and friends.

Here you can document and share all your experiences, events and highlights for all time. Write and create your life and family story:

  • Your life and family story in one app
  • The app for eternity
  • All experiences and events at a glance, preserved over generations
  • Create your virtual family tree
  • Nothing gets lost – your life at a glance: clear, transparent, complete
  • Very exclusive: “VoicePics” – add personal voice messages to your pictures
  • The RM messaging service “Quick” – your communication and exchange tool with your family and friends within the app.
  • The RM app is your private, secure space where all your data stays where it belongs – with your family and friends.
  • The first app that leaves you unforgotten…

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